Spring Valley Academy is fortunate to have strong, thoughtful leaders making decisions and guiding the future of the school. Our school board will always act in the best interests of our students and what’s right for SVA.

Spring Valley Academy School Board

Officers of the Board of Trustees:

*Frank Perez, Chairman; Strategic Planning Chair (Kettering, 2019)
*Roy Chew, Vice Chairman; Relationships & Standards of Behavior Chair (Kettering, 2017)
*Victor Brown, Curriculum Development Chair (BOT Member-at-Large)
*Ron Connovich, Financial Management Chair (BOT Member-at-Large)
*Robin Fritzsche, BOT School Safety Chair (Centerville, 2019)
*Mark Merrell, Campus Management Chair (Centerville Member-at-Large 2019)

Ex-Officio Members:

*Ron Halvorsen Jr., Ohio Conference President
*Darren Wilkins, Secretary to the Board
*Donovan Ross, Columbia Union Vice President for Education
*Ileana Espinosa, Associate Director for Secondary Education
*Rick Bianco, Ohio Conference Superintendent of Education

Beavercreek Church Delegates:

*Roy Nelson, Pastor
Ida Mae Jenkins, Beavercreek Member-at-Large 2019
Carol Sherman, 2017

Centerville Church Delegates:

*Winston Baldwin, Pastor
David Doucette, 2018
Jack Fritzsche, 2017
Robin Fritzsche, 2019
Mark Merrell, Centerville Member-at-Large 2019

Kettering Church Delegates:

*Karl Haffner, Pastor
Jennifer Bouz, 2018
Tom Peebles, Kettering Member-at-Large 2019
Rob White, 2018

Miamisburg Church Delegates:

*Lori Farr, Pastor
Sandy Wilson, Miamisburg Member-at-Large 2017
Lynda Snodgrass, 2019


*Alison Jobson, Vice Principal
Bruce Cambigue, High School Representative
Cali Campillo, Elementary Representative
Steven Chavez, BOT Member-at-Large
*Colleen Hardy, Business Manager|
*Ken Knudsen, High School Coordinator
Angie Peach, Alumni/Development Director
*Aida Scanlon or Ella White, Home & School Co-Presidents
Vicki Swetnam, BOT Recording Secretary, Recruitment & Marketing

* Indicates members of the Administrative Committee (ADCOM)